WannaGOFAST Texas Half Mile Results

Congratulations to Weir Racing sponsored customer Blake Gordon this weekend for setting the TVS supercharged GT500 half mile record at 182.3mph. His car was self built and sports an L&M Engines, Inc. 9.5:1 compression 5.8L and ported heads, Billet Pro Shop ported OEM TVS,American Racing Headers, Fore Innovations, LLC fuel system, Injector Dynamics fuel injectors, Lund Racing nGauge and remote tuning, stock trans, stock k-member, stock brakes, full interior and NO NITROUS. All products are available at Weir Racing and while we have given Blake much advice on the build, so too has he provided feedback and knowledge as we strive to push the TVS to faster and faster speeds! Thank you Blake, Lauren, and Ryan for a fun weekend at the WannaGOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile Shootout! ‪#‎WeirRacingTVSarmy‬

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