Weir Racing Low Friction 8.8" Gear and Bearing Set (S197)

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Gears & Bearings Gears & Bearings Gears & Bearings Gears & Bearings Gears & Bearings Gears & Bearings

This setup is used on our 1,000+ rwhp, 220mph TVS GT500!

Perfect for anyone looking to change gear ratios or beef up their rear end to handle the abuses of increased power on the street and at the track!! Upgrade your S197 rear end with our low friction rear end kit which includes specially micropolished and treated gears as well as treated bearings. Our rear end package greatly increases efficiency resulting in less horsepower lost to friction.

Many people focus on big blowers or turbos to make much more power than they really need to meet their goals. This results in extra stress on many expensive parts including the engine. At Weir Racing, our engineering and focus on quality and efficiency is what makes us competitive at record-breaking levels while maintaining maximum driveability and reliability. This kit was used on our  2013 TVS GT500 street car to set the world’s fastest TVS standing mile record at 218.6mph while maintaining full interior, air conditioning, power steering, GPS navigation and heated seats.

Gear and bearing kit includes:

  • Low friction ring & pinion
  • Low friction bearings (all 6)
  • Complete rebuild kit including axle seals, crush sleeve, bolts, etc.

The following kit is available for those looking to upgrade the axles and differential:

Rear End Option
2013-2014 GT500 & 2013 Boss (+$80), All other 2005-2014 8.8" Mustang
Gear Ratio
2.73 (+$75), 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.56 (+$75), 3.15

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