GT500 Complete Lightweight Pulley Kit (2011+)

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GT500 Complete Lightweight Pulley Kit (2011+)

From: $539.95

Ceramic Bearing Upgrade

This kit is for a complete replacement of all idlers on 2011+ GT500’s. All pulleys are hard black anodized to ensure a durable and long lasting finish. They also come preinstalled with premium bearings. A ceramic bearing upgrade is available to further reduce drag for optimum performance.

Included is:

-1x Lightweight High Tension Smooth Idler

-1x Lightweight AC Belt Grooved Idler

-2x Lightweight Accessory Belt Smooth Idler

-1x Lightweight 90mm Smooth Idler

-1x Lightweight Water Pump Pulley

-2x Lightweight Accessory Belt Grooved Idler

-All necessary bolts and bearing caps

Individually purchased, this bundle would cost 619.60$. Get the package deal at a fraction of the price!

Ceramic Bearing Upgrade No Thanks, Yes Please (+ $90)